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Antonio Citterio



2001 | Antonio Citterio

An undeniable best-seller from the Flexform collection, Groundpiece has transformed the very concept of the sofa, introducing several innovations. First of all, it is a deconstructed line with new proportions – the Groundpiece sofa is low and deep, designed as a more relaxed and casual approach to seating. Groundpiece embodies the quintessence of Flexform comfort and is exceptionally inviting, thanks to the amply-sized goose-down cushions. Groundpiece also allows for the utmost personalization of the padded elements that can be crafted in goose down, in the premium version, or in Dacron.

Aware that changes in lifestyle spark new behaviors and needs, Groundpiece introduced a new dimension to the way the sofa is used, investing it with new functions. On today’s sofas, people rest, watch TV, read, and often work and even have dinner.

This also led to the brilliant idea of redesigning the armrest concept, which in Groundpiece can either be padded and upholstered or a cowhide-clad metal console, that can be used as a flat surface for accessories and provided with shelves to hold objects of all kinds. 

FRAME In metal with foam polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric linen

SEAT CUSHIONS Filled with down and a resilient inner core or with polyurethane and dacron

Premium seat cushions filled with down and a resilient inner core with high resilience

BACKREST CUSHIONS Down-Filled with or without bolster in dacron

ARMREST In Fabric with metal insert and foam polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric lining

FEET In metal treated with epoxy lacquered

UPHOLSTERY Removable fabric or leather cover



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