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Intimate and sophisticated. This is the aura that envelops the Flexform Mood collection. Stylish, gorgeous interiors, where premium materials, luxurious fabrics and shapes inspired by yesteryear kindle sensations that culminate in the image of “An intimate look” – perfect encapsulation of the brand’s design philosophy. The collection’s stylistic mood flows from retro to art deco with flashes of modern inspiration. Traditional stylistic features are reinterpreted with a contemporary flair, shapes redesigned and proportions scaled down. The fascination and flavor of styles remembered are heightened in an interplay of unexpected juxtapositions and deliberately minimal architectural settings with a distinctly contemporary feel. Sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and beds are the stellar attractions in a visual narrative that elicits emotions and engenders a state of calm wellbeing. The home as an oasis of intimacy, sheltered from extraneous turmoil. Silence as a trend, elicited by the objects themselves, their hues and serene aesthetic imagery.

Refined combinations of textiles are the outcome of informed research, dense with references to different periods and styles. Tasteful layerings of materials and colors reveal a fresh, contemporary design vibe.

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