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2021 | Christophe Pillet


The design project for the Echoes family of seating grew out of a mature awareness nourished by different ideas and inspirations. The traditional Scandinavian school meets Mediterranean style; rustic and urban styles cross paths. The design of memory is, in any case, living in the present and projected into the future.

The sleek metal structure contrasts with the pliable seat and backrest made of fine woven paper cord or paper rush cord. This seemingly simple process is actually quite complex and still, today performed entirely by hand.

A different stylistic interpretation is expressed by the Echoes S.H. chaise longue that pairs the metal structure with cowhide: a classic, eye-catching combination but one that, thanks to the ergonomic contours of the seat and backrest, also ensures the utmost in comfort.

The Echoes S.H. family includes armchairs with and without armrests that coordinate nicely with matching footstools, chairs and dining chairs, stools, and a slender chaise longue. All share the same pure lines and understated proportions that allow these pieces to be equally at home in any room in the house, alone or paired with the sofas in the Flexform collection.

Structure in metal with burnished or gun metal finish, or in white 100

Finish plus version structure in metal with satin, chrome, or black chrome finish

Seat/backrest in metal with woven paper rush cord; or, in pure cellulose paper cord, in natural 4002 or anthracite 4005 color

Feet rest on tips made of thermoplastic material





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