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Vilhelm Lauritzen

was £425


VL38 TABLE LAMP | Vilhelm Lauritzen

The fixture emits downward-directed light. The angle of the shade can be adjusted to optimize light distribution. The shade is painted white on the inside to ensure a soft comfortable light.


Please note that the brass surfaces are untreated. This means that the surface will change over time and develop a patina. Function to set a fixed light level each time the lamp is connected to the main power. LED driver fitted externally on the cord. Two light levels 50% or 100%. Timer function to automatically turn off the light after amount of time, selectable between off/4 hours/8 hours. Adjustable (up and down) lampshade. The innovation of the LED technology is constant. The specifications mentioned are based on present technology.


Base: Die-cast aluminum Shade: Spun aluminum. Stem: Brushed brass.


Cable type: Plastic cord. Cable length: 3,3m. Light control: Switch in the lampstand. 2 light levels. Timer function: 4 hours/8 hours. LED driver: separate, plugs into a power outlet.

Light source

Light source LED 2700K 9.6W 
Lumen: 416

Sizes and weights

Width x Height x Length (mm)

135 x 380 x 175 Max 2.3 kg


Brushed brass. White, powder-coated.


Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II w/o ground.

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