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Carlo Colombo



2022 | Carlo Colombo

The Sveva Light armchair revisits the design concept of the Sveva armchair, eloquently expressing it in finishes that trace back to interpretations quite different from the cowhide version.
Design at the service of comfort: the molded shell in rigid structural polyurethane with glossy lacquer finish in a palette of bright colors accommodates soft seat and backrest cushions padded with fluffy goose down.

The Sveva Light armchair rests on a swivel base in cast aluminum, available in several finishes and can be paired with its namesake ottoman.


Structure in rigid molded polyurethane with glossy lacquer finish in these colors: white 4570, terracotta 4580, forest green 4565, aquamarine 4560 and black 4550.

Swivel base 4/5 spokes with 360-degree swivel; in cast aluminum with satin, chrome, black chrome, burnished or glossy anthracite color finish. The ottoman has a stationary base with 4 spokes. Feet rest on tips made of thermoplastic material.

Armchair cushions in sterilized goose down (Assopiuma certified, Gold label) with insert in crushproof material.

Ottoman cushion in sterilized goose down (Assopiuma certified, Gold label).

Seat/backrest/ottoman cushion upholstery is removable in both the fabric and leather versions.



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