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Antonio Citterio



2022 | Antonio Citterio

The retro influence in the Parker Outdoor sofa is clear. Its graceful lines, the natural wovens and artisan craftsmanship are proof of the savoir faire Flexform is known for.

The structure of the Parker Outdoor sofa is made of steel and solid hand-turned and finished iroko wood. Also entirely hand-made is the finely woven material featured on the backrest and armrests.

There is a single seat cushion, while large, generously padded loose cushions lean against the cord backrest.

The final part of the legs is finished with die-cast metal alloy tips and protective nylon pads.

The Parker Outdoor family includes two- and three-seat sofas, an ottoman and an element with a backrest and just one armrest that allows the creation of unique arrangements.

If left unused for lengthy periods of time, it is recommended that the cushions be removed and stored in a dry place and that the structure of the Parker Outdoor sofa be protected with its own covers to keep it in top condition and maintain its original appearance as long as possible.

Most of the components used in the Parker Outdoor sofa can be recycled.

Structure in solid iroko, turned and finished by hand, with steel support frame and water-repellent elastic webbing, anthracite 9005 color. Iroko wood is available in natural finish, stained grey, stained brown or lacquered white.  

Hand-woven extruded PVC with nylon core in colors: white 7007, cream 7001, bordeaux 7002, green 7006, brown 7004, anthracite 7005; or in polypropylene cord in colors: white 8007, sand 8001, bordeaux 8002, green 8006, brown 8004, anthracite 8005; or in matt polypropylene cord in colors: straw 8101, natural 8102, ice 8103, anthracite 8105; or in twisted polypropylene cord in colors: straw 8201, vanilla 8202, coffee 8204, liquorice 8205.

Seat cushion in polyester fiber with insert in crushproof variable-density material upholstered in water-repellent fabric.

Backrest cushions in polyester fiber with water-repellent upholstery.

Optional cushions in polyester fiber with water-repellent upholstery. Upon request, with upcharge.

Feet in die-cast zama, with matt brushed or burnished finish. Rests on tips made of thermoplastic material.

Upholstery seat / backrest cushion, in removable fabric.

Upholstery piping upholstery detailing includes grosgrain piping that can be crafted in all the colors on the sample board.

Cover in waterproof material; cover is upon request



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