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NEW 2020 | Antonio Citterio

The sleek lines of the Ontario seating system achieve their highest potential in luxury materials, like the solid iroko wood chosen for this impressive structure.

The warm texture and feel of the wood lend bold personality to the sofa’s structure, which is made entirely of thick iroko wood slats and sleek cast metal spacers with epoxy powder-coat finish.

In delicious contrast to the formal lines of the wood structure, the generously padded seat and backrest cushions are quite enticing.

The backrest cushions come with the characteristic bolster – which, over time, has become one of the company’s distinctive elements. It rests against the iroko structure for especially supportive back comfort.

A steel perimeter frame, set back slightly from the edges of the sofa, lifts it off the pavement for protection against dampness.

Thanks to its double-depth, the Ontario seating system is conducive to creative, versatile arrangement ideas.

In order to keep the Ontario sofas in good condition and maintain them as close as possible to their original state, use of their respective waterproof covers is strongly recommended.

Structure in solid iroko wood with natural, stained grey or lacquered white finish. Spacers in die-cast zama with transparent epoxy powder-coat finish

Base in epoxy powder-coat 316 stainless steel and compact laminated panel. Feet rest on tips made of thermoplastic material

Seat cushion in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber covered with a protective, water-repellent laminated fabric

Backrest cushion in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber, with water repellent upholstery. Bolster in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber, with water repellent upholstery

Optional cushions in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber, with water repellent upholstery. Upon request, with upcharge

Upholstery in removable fabric

Cover in waterproof material; cover is upon request







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