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2018 | Antonio Citterio

Thanks to its singular shape, the Este bed is immediately eye-catching. A kind of lightweight metal shell, completely upholstered in cow hide, envelops the soft headboard and mattress cushions like a flower corolla. The sleek, uncluttered design goes hand-in-hand with a splendid material like cow hide that lends allure and elegance to the whole. The expert tailoring is apparent in the workmanship of the corners, the stitching and the thicknesses of the cow hide. The bed is raised off the floor on a cast metal base available in satin, chromed, burnished, black chrome or champagne finish.

The incredible versatility of the Este bed is expanded by the possibility to create various combinations between the saddle hide base, available in nine colors, and the upholstered headboards that can be covered in all the fabrics and leathers in the collection.


BASE Metal covered with protective lining and sheet metal core covered in Hide Leather: White (5007), Russian Red (5008), Olive (5006), Black (5005), Dark Brown (5004), Dark Brown Extra (5013), Grey (5003), Sand (5001) and Tobacco (5015).

WOODEN BASE  With polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric lining

HEADBOARD In polyurethane and down with metal insert

FEET In Metal Satined, chromed, burnished, black chromed or champagne metal tube

UPHOLSTERY Removable fabric or leather covers



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