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Antonio Citterio



2022 | Antonio Citterio

The Camargue family is distinguished by its enduring style, in both form and substance, thanks to the properties of aluminum, a material that allows the Camargue pieces to be at home anywhere outdoors, not necessarily under a roof, hence, not only on a covered patio or terrace but also in a garden or around a pool.

A complete, coordinated line, it includes small armchairs, armchairs and sofas, all stackable and designed to meet the most disparate needs in private homes and the hospitality field.

Practical and lightweight, the structure of the Camargue seating elements reveals enveloping lines and rounded corners – seemingly simple workmanship that actually requires expert artisan skills.

It comes with either smooth or embossed epoxy powder-coat finish, in a palette of elegant colors that lend themselves to sophisticated pairings with the removable upholstery on the soft seat and backrest cushions.

Made of aluminum, a material that is extremely weather-resistant, the Camargue structures do not need to be covered, although, to maintain their original condition, it is recommended that their respective covers be used.

The seat and backrest cushions, however, must be removed and stored in a dry place during stormy weather and the winter season. 

Most of the components used in the Camargue seating elements can be recycled.

Structure in aluminum, epoxy powder-coat finish in colors: white 100, wine red 405, khaki green 705, burnished, grey; or, in embossed lacquered finish in white 300, sand 310, brick 320, sage green 330, terracotta 325, forest green 335, charcoal 350.

Seat cushion in polyester fiber with insert in crushproof single-density material upholstered in water-repellent fabric.

Armchair backrest cushion in polyester fiber with water-repellent upholstery.

Feet rest on tips made of thermoplastic material.

Upholstery seat cushion in removable fabric.

Cover in waterproof material; cover is upon request







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